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Journal of the Replaced

Asch the Bloody

Username: Bloody_Remains
Name: Ell. That's as much of my real name that you're going to get.
Nicknames: ...Too many to count...-_-

I am Bloody_Remains, and this is my LiveJournal. Though I mostly just lurk around communities...>_>; Urgh. I enjoy Tales of the Abyss, Soul Nomad, Atelier Iris, Kingdom Hearts, and...

...I can't think of others right now. Damn.

I like hetero and yaoi. Yuri - no. Shouta - No. Loveless is an exception, though... ... ... ahem. Loli - NO. Any weird, odd fetishes like that, nuh-uh. I am FEMALE.

etc, etc...to be continued