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31 December 2007 @ 10:57 am
D...Doujins @//@!  

Waahhh... ._. First post to LiveJournal and I'm already obsessing. 

@_@ I was just on BelovedKuzu and my god, someone uploaded a lot of Asch/Luke, Luke/Asch doujins...I've been looking for online downloads of them for a while and now I've found some~~~~<3<3<3 omigosh -fangirling, explodes- x_x I've downloaded several of them, but it makes me sad to see that some of the links are expired DX Gah!!

If anyone knows any other places to download Asch/Luke, Luke/Asch doujins, inform me, please @_@ I'm going to die from overload, but who caaares~~

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